The association Kring Vrienden van ‘s-Hertogenbosch has several objectives:

  • raising more awareness and love for ‘s-Hertogenbosch;
  • practising practical and theoretical local history as well as archaeology in the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch;
  • promoting and protecting the liveability, beauty and historical environmental character of ‘s-Hertogenbosch with its valuable and characteristic buildings, the structure of the public space, the ramparts, canals and Binnendieze and the cityscape;
  • increasing the cultural-historical awareness of the residents of ‘s-Hertogenbosch and of the visitors to our city.
Skipper guide in the Uilenburg near the Vughterstraat

Active volunteers

Partly due to the broadly oriented objectives of our association, we have a considerable number of members. Nowadays, our association comprises more than 2,300 members who fully support the cultural history of our beautiful city. Quite a few of these members, around 380, regularly work as volunteers.

‘s-Hertogenbosch appeals

Practically each day our volunteers share their love for the city with you in a hospitable, cordial and fascinating way. They provide guided tours, walks and boat trips and ensure that your day out in ‘s-Hertogenbosch becomes a nice, lasting memory.

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