On Monday evening the 16th of January the General Meeting of Members (GMM) has elected the Supervisory Board by common consent. Peter Glas, Raymond Grether and Jef Oomen put themselves forward as candidates and were elected by all 85 present. Consequently the Kring has a Supervisory Board for the first time in its existence. The members have been appointed for three years and are eligible for re-election after that period.

Prior to the vote the candidates introduced themselves personally in the social and cultural centre De Helftheuvel.

Raymond Grether kicked off by mentioning that he lives in Haarsteeg instead of our beautiful city. “I went there because of the horses. I like to live in the countryside.” He told that he also dedicated himself to the realization of the Bolwerk Sint-Jan and that he later occupied himself with the relaunch of the extensive Bartenbrug project. “I took the opportunity to interfere in the matter. I like to resolve things with other people. Hopefully I can do the same at the Kring.”

Peter Glas is dike warden of Waterschap De Dommel and as he said: “’s-Hertogenbosch and the Dommel have some points in common. My world is dominated by water.” Peter Glas lives in Boxtel but knows ‘s-Hertogenbosch particularly well as chairman of the Rotary among others. “I like to administrate efficiently and effectively, something I notice in the Kring as well. I hope to contribute to this,” he concluded.

Jef Oomen came to ‘s-Hertogenbosch in 1982 where – as he explains – started to work on the most beautiful place of ‘s-Hertogenbosch: no. 28 on the Parade. “From my desk I could see the Parade from under the trees!” Notary Jef Oomen says he likes administrative activities and music. He is also active at the International Vocal Competition (IVC). “I am socially involved in the project against (elderly) abuse ‘Het houdt niet op, niet vanzelf’ (‘It doesn’t stop, not automatically’) among others. At the Kring I hope to be able to do my very best for the association and the city, because the Kring establishes a very large commitment in the city.” Jef Oomen lives in Maliskamp.

Boerenkoolmaaltijd 2014

Picture Ellie de Vries

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