• To collect anything and everything about ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
• To organize the collections to make them accessible.
• To select specific topics about the city.
• To draw attention to possible additions to the collections.
• To view and study each other’s collections.
• To advise (whether solicited or not) with regard to everyone’s collection.
• To exhibit a specific collection.
• To visit trade fairs and exhibitions together.
• To try answering questions about ‘s-Hertogenbosch from members and non-members.


• Systematically verifying who collects what.
• Cataloguing/archiving as much as possible.
• Using our collection to publish about ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
• At least a publication for every copy of Bossche Kringen.
• Making an inventory of which magazines are interesting for us.
• Acquiring exhibition material in order to get a more or less recognizable consistency.

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