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The working group The Small Monument is engaged in the tracing and rehabilitation of small monuments of cultural-historical value in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. By drawing the right attention to these monuments, they can enthuse and stimulate the people directly involved.



The working group is known, among other things, from:

Het kleine Monument_2

• placing wall plates with typical maxims in the dialect of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, with which the

work of Domien van Gent is carried on;

• the wall plate of the Kring that is granted to an owner of a historical building with a commercial function, provided that it has been renovated with respect for the cultural-historical value.


  • The Vase of Joy, Julianaplein.
  • Replacing stained-glass windows in the Muntel Church.
  • Court of Zevenbergen, bust of Charles V.
  • Restoration of the Sacred Heart statue, Emmaplein..
  • Wall plates along the street and at the Binnendieze.
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